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Elaboration is the #1 ranked Email Marketing Service in India. An Email Marketing Services firm along with expertise to assist you to generate more sales, more leads, and even more customer loyalty. Our award-winning email marketing service allows you to create, send, and track professionally designed email campaigns simply and reasonable. Email marketing service is the latest marketing tool used by companies for building effective public relationship. This is the only investment of the company which offers greater return on investment than any other marketing tools. Custom-designed email templates guarantee whole consistency throughout all of your email selling communications whereas streamlining the method of building and executing multiple campaigns. It’s a win/win.

Automated email campaigns will take the hard work out of your e-marketing promotions, saving you time whereas earning you cash – what a lot of might you ask? When the initial setup, your e-marketing system can automatically email leads, customers, contacts and anyone else you would like it to, at planned times, over a predetermined period. There are many benefits to setting up an automated email campaign inside any organization which is able to provide sales from email communication. Our hints, tips and things to avoid will also assist you in developing a successful automated campaign. Whether or not you develop a simple campaign or a massively complicated series of communications, your e-marketing will benefit from an automated process.

Mass email marketing methods area unit wide utilized by business owners and organizations of all sizes on a worldwide scale. Some business owners and organizations have formed their mass email marketing strategies and this keeps them ahead of their competition. If you’re a business owner who is serious concerning increasing your business’ potential and living, mass email marketing should be of nice interest. If you’re new to the idea of mass email or have not enforced your own bulk email marketing campaign, there are a few tips you should take into consideration.

E-newsletter marketing is a new emerging trend that facilitates people in promoting their products/services frequently by sending newsletter through email. The aim behind the e-newsletter is to amass new customers or persuade the existing customers to go to your website or get your product. E-newsletter marketing is low cost and has proven to be very successful for those who do it right.

Email databases make a extremely effective and economical way of advertising for business owners. They prove very effective, because the message is delivered to targeted prospects. Sending your ads randomly to an oversized number of people far exceeds the cost of sending email messages to their mailbox. Moreover, you’re hundred percent sure that the message is delivered to the intended person, that isn’t the case just in case of ads sent every which way to people. The most important factor for getting ready an email database or list that would deliver the expected results is to spot your prospects. Moreover, the message should be customized for your prospects. The more successful the mailing campaign, the bigger is the profit for the business owner.

One Stop for All the Hotmail Email Problems

Hotmail offers a variety of features to make the communication via emails more engaging. But not all users are aware about those features and have a lot of queries regarding them. Beside this users also get stuck with technical issues once in a while. In such a scenario users must call at Hotmail customer care number to get accurate and quick solutions for all sorts of queries.

Following is a list of some of the common technical issues which can be resolved by calling at Hotmail Helpline number.

The username and password is not recognized by Hotmail.
Jpeg and doc files not getting attached to composed messages.
The password recovery code sms is not delivered.
Messages not getting sent from the email account.
Emails can’t be received to the email account.
Inbox receiving a lot of junk and spam mails.

If the email account password has been forgotten then follow the steps below to reset it

Click on Can’t access your account link below the login box of Hotmail..
On the password recovery page, select I have forgotten my password.
Click to select reset my password option.
Give your email id.
To get the password recovery code, select the method (Either get it via sms or via email on your alternate email id).
If you select the email method then you get it on your alternate email id. Just click on the recovery link and proceed. In case you get it via sms, then simply type that code in the given field.
Type your new password in the given field. Make sure that your new password is a complex one having punctuations, small letters, block letters as well as special characters.
Once you are done giving your new password, click on confirm

Getting accurate solutions for all kinds of queries related to Hotmail can be made possible calling at Hotmail toll free number. They provide impeccable remote technical assistance and that too at cost effective prices. Their diligent technicians provide brilliant support to fix every type of technical bug which might be hampering the performance of the software. Besides giving Hotmail customer service number a call, users can discuss their queries via the online chat, or can send their queries through an email.

Hotmail also faces few account or system specific issues which are needed to be addressed. In this article you can find out those issues along with the solution to those issues. Undoubtedly Hotmail customer care phone number provides you the best solution to the Hotmail email issue but we will also to address and troubleshoot some of those issues.

Proof Why Using Your Personal Email for Business Is Hurting Your Credibility

75 Percent Of Consumers Agree You Need to Stop Using Free Email Services For Your Business Email

Think it’s convenient to use your Gmail, AOL or Yahoo email address for business? That might be true but it could also be turning away potential clients and harming your professional credibility without you even knowing it.

I often receive emails from business owners and entrepreneurs who use free email services like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo etc. when representing their business. If you’re one of these people, it’s time to change your email addresses to your business domain.

A recent survey conducted by GoDaddy revealed that 75 percent of consumers view a professional domain-based email address that matches the domain of a website is extremely important for gaining their trust when purchasing.

“You never forget a first impression, either in real life or online. Often your first direct interaction with a customer takes place over email and so looking professional in this context is hugely important,” Chief Product Officer with GoDaddy, Steven Aldrich, said.

Using free email services gives the impression your business is amateurish and is not trustworthy.

“From the moment a consumer views your email address on a business card, your website, or in their inbox, they are immediately going to make judgments about your business, so don’t fall into the trap of using a personal address that anyone could get.

It detracts from the trustworthiness you’re looking to convey,” Aldrich continued.

People Buy From People They Trust

According to the survey, 33 percent of respondents doubt the trust and legitimacy of the business owner while 24 percent would be hesitant to provide their contact information to such a site that uses a free email service address.

And ‘yourbusinessname@gmail.com’ doesn’t count. If you want to be taken seriously and build trust amongst your followers, then you need to take your business branding and email reputation seriously too by using an email address such as ‘yourname@yourwebsite.com’.

“Using a professional email address that ends with your company’s domain offers you an opportunity to build your brand every time you interact with a customer versus promoting an Internet email giant like Gmail, Yahoo and others.” Says Aldrich.

Another interesting result that came from the survey is that using a professional based email address is 3-times more important that being active on social media.
Putting Your Best Professional Foot Forward Is More Important Than Ever.

In today’s day and age of spammers and other nefarious characters trying to cheat our money away from us, it’s more important than ever to present our legitimate businesses in as much a professional light as possible.

You don’t want to look like a spammer

You don’t want to appear amateurish

You want to build trust with those you communicate with
It may seem inconsequential to use a Gmail email address but studies like this prove what I’ve been saying for years where it can have a very adverse effect on the bottom line of your business.

Do you want to be respected for being a legitimate, trustworthy and respected business? Then ditch the free email service and start using your website’s professional email address instead.

You can still use the Gmail service to send and receive emails this way, you just need to set up the settings as a POP3 account.

Have you ever encountered someone who professes to be in business but is using a personal/free email service to communicate with?

What was your honest reaction when seeing it?

Did it affect your decision to doing business with them?

Tips to Excel At Email Marketing

Are your email marketing strategies not paying off? Or are you looking forward to using email as a marketing plan and don’t know how to get started yet? Well, think that this is the right place for you. The below are essential tips to excel at email marketing.

Know your audience. Your present audience will be your key to a larger community this is because for sure they have their individual set of friends. By making these first set of audience assured and knew that your contents are helpfully relevant they can attest it to their circle. In which can bring you another set of readers. Focus on them firstly and get their friends to sign up and grow your email subscribers.
Focus on one topic per email copy. You should not overwhelm your subscriber with more emails stocked with a lot of things going in. Instead, write a copy which entices them to click through and read on. Too much information is not admired in this type of technique, rather leave room for suspense and to play around.
Continue educating yourself. There are many people in this business, and they utilize many other technologies. Know and fill in your mind with new ideas and techniques for you to cope up with the competition. Read books or an article online, attend workshops in your locality and especially study the current techniques you are applying in your business.
Know by hand that today most people uses their mobile devices rather than their laptop or desktop computers. Run and test your email outputs on smaller devices so that your subscribers won’t have hard times reading your emails through their smartphones.
One imperative thing in doing email marketing is the call to action part. You have to be sure that you only not give consistent information, but also you are to call out the readers to do something. By that, you should inform them as well how to do it by giving options on how to act on it. Make sure to have it clear and that links and tabs are functional. You can place calls to action statement at the top and bottom part of your email.

Email marketing has proved itself productive regarding marketing. But knowing basically how it works and how to go around with it is a significant advantage. Learn your way to a productive email marketing by the use of the above tips. Reap your results soon!

Don’t let these mistakes ruin your email marketing efforts

From routine life to business strategies mistakes are rampant everywhere. Especially in a new age marketing tool like email, mistakes are bound to happen. Even the best email marketing companies are capable of making mistakes every now and then. The trick is not in meeting the consequences but to avoid them. As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Here are some common mistakes that any email marketing services company should avoid making:

Using publicly available mailing lists

For a professional email marketing service provider, its advised to avoid using publicly available mailing lists for email marketing campaign. it will most often not lead to the right destination. For instance, public mailing lists contain emails of people from a wide spectrum of the society. Of that the composition of users that will actually relate to the market segment through email marketing is actually unknown. Chances are, the mailing list might not contain users belonging to the segment you are targeting.

Bottom line: Avoid using public mailing lists. It will not yield desired results and moreover is illegal in some parts of the world too.

Not equipping your website with sign-up forms

For any email marketing service provider in USA, a large portion of the email listing is built from sign-up forms set up in their websites. Sadly, not all email marketers take note of this fact. They tend to miss to equip their websites with sign-up forms. Sign-up forms are an easy way of collecting email lists directly from visitors with their consent.

Bottom line: Equip your website with a sign-up form. Create a sense of need in the visitor to immediately sign-up using an appropriate CTA.

Using a third-party domain email address for mail sending

A professional Email Marketing Services Company should refrain from sending emails from a third-party domain. When emails are sent to your subscribers from a third-party account, there is a possibility that your subscribers might assume the mail to be from spam messengers. Sending emails from the company’s own mail domain has its own credibility that third party domains do not have.

Bottom line: Use only company’s email domain for email marketing.

Failing to balance the image text proportion

Email marketing services in USA have long since understood the need to strike a fine balance between use of images and text content in a promo email. Using one whole image or only text is not the ideal way to do it. An email must have an image-text proportion of 60-40 to have maximum possibility of converting into leads.

Bottom line: Give whole images and bulk texts a break. A fine balance is the key.

Wrapping it up

The above-mentioned mistakes are listed out from the experience of professional email marketing companies from across the globe. Learn from them and improve your email marketing strategy.

B2B Email Marketing: How to Tackle Negative Responses from customers?

B2B Email Marketing: How to Tackle Negative Responses from customers?

No brand or a business wants to receive a negative response from their customers. As we are in the era where most of the consumers purchasing decisions based on what others say about product or business, a bad review could send your sales down. The real truth is, it doesn’t happen if you handle it carefully a negative review could actually lead to a positive result.

Here are the few ways to tackle negative responses from the customers:

Don’t React Immediately:

When receiving any negative response from customers, it’s quite common to react immediately and your first instinct is to say: “No, this is not true” “you are wrong” or “it’s your fault”. However, no matter how negative the comment is, but try to solve it positively. Being calm and patience will help you to deal with the feedback better. If you feel riled up then take some time to calm down before going to the further steps.

Understand From Customer Point of View:

Whether it is a negative or positive feedback, but somewhere it happened from your side to react this way. You can easily choose to ignore the feedback, but you’ll never come to know about the reason that triggered the person. This means there is more possibility of this issue that may recur in the future.

Try to answer some questions by yourself:

What are the major key issues?
Why the person is reacting in this way?
How to solve this issue?

So think from the customer point of view. Surely this will make easier to understand why the person is commented in that way and easily you can solve the issue.

Reply to the Concerned Person in Kindness:

Since the person spent some time to share his/her feedback about your business, even you should take some time to response properly.

Follow some of the ways to reply:

Create an open space for discussion.
Let the concerned person know your point of view and also reply with valid supporting reasons.
Thank him/her for sharing the feedback.

Ask for a second chance:

Ask for a second chance so that you can improve their experience with your brand by retaining their business. It’s important that your business should listen and learn from negative feedback and sometimes this may contain valuable information and it help you to improve your customer service

Reply Quickly With a Positive Response:

We are living in the era of smart phones and mass communication; customers are expecting instant gratification while interacting with any brands or products.

So responding to a negative review as soon as it goes online will shows that you really care about customer satisfaction. This may also be the reason that results to a person who had a bad experience with your business can give you a second chance.

Even though it takes time to read thoroughly and to respond each and every negative comment, but doing this will boost your customer retention rates in the long way. Also Updating with the social media management tools and alerts will quickly help you to locate and respond to customers in all platforms.

Proven Tips For Successful Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one great way to target a whole new group of people to market your product. It is a fact that just roughly everybody owns some sort of mobile device today. As business owners, there is the need for you to diversify your target market. And that includes mobile users. Sure, though these users have wants and needs and would want an easy way to grab those in just one click.

However, before delving into mobile marketing efforts, you must know the basic tips to make it work for your business.

You need to comprehend what your consumer wants in order to market them through mobile formats.
Mobile marketing is not the notion of “saying more with less” when it proceeds to your promotional content.You cannot have dull product and landing pages here that go on and on, since it’s not saying anything helpful. Mobile marketing progress can best be achieved when you provide your content clean and clear.
Wait for results for your first mobile marketing campaign before beginning a second one.
Try out as many mobile devices as possible and ask your customers for feedback about their usage experiences.
When you call or text someone, remember that they are “people” and deserve to be treated well.
If you aspire to be successful in your mobile marketing, you must adapt changes gradually. Always be up for even a little tweak in your programs but remember to study and know it well.
Though mobile marketing has been proven to be an effective way to connect with your customers, there is still a necessity for it to be capable of working on multiple platforms. Note that if your marketing efforts don’t work on all the popular devices, you could lose customers.
Before applying mobile marketing, techniques do some research if your target audience can appreciate it. Know what your target audience responds to before you spend lots of money on mobile marketing. Are they more likely to use a mobile phone than desktops? What is the main type of operating systems do their phones?
Make sure your content is timely and purposeful. The idea of adding mobile marketing to your marketing strategies might excite you, but you must create content that fills the need to. The information and products content that you put out needs to speak to your potential customers’ problems. If it is appropriate, they will contact you.
As more and more people own mobile devices, the demand for mobile marketing will increase. Pretty soon most people will have a mobile phone, making mobile marketing a highly profitable way to promote products and services.

By using the these points, you will be ahead of your competition and will be in the right place to effectively improve your products through this new form of marketing. Just another reminder, your business shouldn’t be based solely on mobile marketing this is just one way to promote and gain more audience. But as proven right, mobile marketing is one best way to market in this current phase. Happy marketing!

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Software Are Future Trend For 2013

Recently, the bulk email sender programs have gained popularity throughout the industry. Past few decades have seen a boom in the field of email marketing which has not only affected the way of promotion but have also drastically changed the entire online advertisement methods. More and more businesses are switching to emails to interact with their clients. Its most common example which an average person observes is the bulk of newsletters and subscription mails from various brands, websites and even from blogs. There must be giant list of advantages of emails over other media of advertisement which have made it famous rapidly. Let’s have a look on top benefits of email marketing.

Reduced Cost/ Efforts

Consider the number of clients for a MNC. There are billions of people who need to interact with company for various purposes like feedback, complain, query and so on. Communicating with all these people will need lots of Human Resources which is meaningless. The modern email marketing software is able to handle large number of people send them relevant mail as per the requirements. This reduces the cost and effort at the same time, making the real time communication possible with clients.

Real Time Communication

Sending emails instantly is the need of hours. The delay of a single day might prove to be useless for company. The importance of quick email increases when it is related to certain special event like birthday, anniversary or board meetings. The software ensures that all the mails are sent on time without a single minute delay.


It is definitely ridiculous to customize each email with names and specific field for each client. The task becomes irrelevant when there are millions of such clients. The software helps to personalize each email so that it seems pretty familiar to each of its targeted recipients.

Automated Response

Every user on internet seeks instant response which must be delivered to its mailbox within a few seconds. The email software allows companies to generate and end automated response within a specific time period. It is also useful during the time when emails have to be scheduled for a particular time For instance, company selling fruits will send mails when seasonal fruits are in the shell.

No Chances Of Error

In manual typing, there are probabilities that there might be typing error. But, if companies buy bulk email program services, the chances of any typing error reduce to zero which is a fantastic feature. From another point of view, slight mistyping of address might result in garbage mails which is not possible in case of bulk email software.

Apart from those listed above, there are various other benefits which makes the email software highly useful. However, the benefits of bulk email software vary from one business to the other due to varying needs. Still, there are companies which provide flexible yet versatile software for efficient email marketing.

Advance use of – email marketing software

The use of advance email marketing software will provide you a variety of tools that will help you get the most out of the software and the newsletter campaign. By doing so, you will gain an easy way to promote your email marketing campaign whit minimum coast and effort.

Email marketing software Should offer:

1. Crating a registration form – if you put a form like this in your website every person that registers will automatically be included in your mailing list.

2. segmentation- the data base provide you with a serves that allows you choose a segment of people from your list by almost every definition there is (age,sex,contrey) and mail only them a certain newsletter.

3.content according to the recipient- the system provides the option of writing a newsletter whit all of the relevant subjects and mail it so that every recipient will only see the part that interest them.

4. Mailing by date- there is an option to set the newsletter software so it will send automatically on a certain date a certain e-mail. It could be as a respond to an action, like registering, or as a card on a birthday.

5. Crating a form for a survey- you can send a form that the recipient needs to fill and send back. It could be an invitation for a convention or a data form, any way you can also choose one of three ways for the mail to be reserved in your system:
#direct to your mail- in this case you will get an e-mail for every recipient
#to a special mail box- good for verifying inventions
#a file- get all of the data in one CSV file.

6. Mailing by characters- after mailing an e-mail you can see which recipient clicked on every item. According to this data you can send him or her a more suitable mail with items that interests them.
In conclusion, it is clear that if you know how to really use the system you can benefit a lot more from it.

Remember this: it is very easy to do Email marketing; it is not that easy to do it well.

Email Marketing Solutions for Online Casinos

As a low cost alternative to print advertising, email marketing solutions for online casinos offer a way for both businesses and affiliates to reach a large volume of customers much easier and faster than otherwise. With online casinos gaining in popularity, a well planned email marketing campaign can create a loyal customer base eager for new products, games to play, and exciting incentives. The marketing strategy is similar to other businesses, but new Internet marketers sometimes make mistakes in setting up their first campaigns. There are some simple guidelines to keep in mind, however.
The Online Casino Niche

When creating email marketing solutions for online casinos, keep in mind that this is an entertainment niche as opposed to a product niche. Although there will always be ebooks or other related products for gamblers to enjoy, customers in this niche are more interested in the games themselves. And one good way to get customers to opt-in for an online casino website is to offer discount coupons, a free report about the games, or something similar to drum up interest. After customers opt-in, they will look forward to further information about their favorite games, new incentives and freebies, and will gladly pay for the offered entertainment.
Marketing Essentials for Online Casinos

Aside from those differences, email solutions for online casinos should include all the steps taken for creating any other marketing strategy. Informative content that is written to specific keywords will enhance its SEOranking so when people search they’ll find the website on Google and other search engines. This also includes periodic updates so the search engines will pick up the changing content and continue to feature the site prominently. An opt-in page is a must for creating a growing list of prospects and keeping them informed. Other Internet marketing necessities are important as well, such as a strong domain name that not only describes the website but is also a strong keyword. Make sure it is a simple and easy to remember domain name. There’s no need to be fancy. In fact, as many Internet marketers have learned, trying to be overly clever in a domain name can lead to customers not remembering the site, or it ranking poorly in the search engine results. Choose a proper domain name based on keyword research and half the job is done.
Don’t Forget to Include a good Advertising Strategy

There are various ways to advertise a website, including article marketing and Pay per Click techniques. Email marketing is the perfect way to supplement any of these strategies by maintaining your opt-in list. Be careful not to spam customers, provide relevant useful content, give them incentives, and offer products that are related to their hobby and the secrets to email marketing solutions for online casinos will easily be in any marketer’s grasp.