A Review and Comparison of Email Marketing Autoresponders – AWeber Vs iContact

An essential tool for Internet Marketing is the use of an email autoresponder. Email Auto responders help you market your business through email. Email autoresponders systems usually come through some form of online software. Two of the leading email auto responder software on the market are iContact and AWeber. These tools essentially allow you to create an opt-in form for a visitor to your website. The user opts in to your list and in turn you setup sequential emails to be sent to the user through an automatic response. You can also provide a wide email blast to the users enrolled to your email list.

Essentially these email marketing programs allow for low cost and low maintenance system. Other uses of email marketing software include email newsletters, bulk email sending, email followup, etc… This review is a review of the leading email marketing auto repsonders available. This will provide you with way to decide between which of the two are the best autoresponders. For more pricing details on email lists of 5000 or more refer to the AWeber and iContact pricing pages.

In conclusion to the comparison of AWeber vs iContact Given the data above, you are looking at pricing and a couple of key features when comparing these two email auto responder systems. iContact has three key features that AWeber lacks, those features are the ability to do integrated surveys, Event management features to keep track of attendance, and an API. The feature that is in AWeber that iContact lacks is its ability to integrate with shopping carts such as Google and paypal check out. This feature will allow you to add customers to your lists upon checkout. Overall however the abilities of these two are pretty similar. It depends on what you want to accomplish. Pricing is always a deciding factor, from a monthly contract it is cheaper to go with iContact which would be around 32% cheaper than Aweber.

If you know in the long term you will need to use the system then AWeber is an attractive price point to commit to a year. AWeber ends up being 52% cheaper. From a usability standpoint, both interfaces look pretty straight forward. If you are computer savvy it will be pretty easy to use. Both systems have a wizard like feel to guide you through the process to setting up a campaign. The iContact interface looks a little cleaner than the AWeber.

Succeed With email marketing In 24 Hours

Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing is the number one way to promote your offers to a massive market on autopilot. Competition in online marketing is tough. In 2016 there were Domains registered:14,910,176, WordPress blog posts: 73,911,788, Websites created: 121,624,404, Email sent: 43,452,667,800, Tweets: 61,132,259,657, YouTube Uploads; 920,181,700, Facebook Likes: 338,407,964,591 and growing. Statistics show that email marketing and communication is number one. Learning how to utilize email marketing strategies has been perfected through trial and error. Marketing a product or service through email has great advantages of other marketing methods. Everyone reads their email on their own schedule. This gives marketers the chance to connect and establish a relationship with their customers to promote affiliate offers, webinars leading to sales and coaching and more..

Building a List

Assuming you have an online business or affiliate offers building a list from the very beginning of your campaign is essential to reaching you full potential in online marketing. Leadpages offers a simple website design specifically intended to capture emails for your affiliate offers. Lead Pages is the #1 page builder that collects emails and integrates everything all in one package. This easy to use tool allows you to build a Leadpages also known as a lead magnet with an email opt in form. This allows customers to get a brief description of you offer and submit their email in your opt in box. To get customers to enter their email you have to offer something such as an EBook, report, top ten tips or something of great value in your specific niche. Squeeze page landing page builder by Instapage is also another good resource used to capture opt-in emails from potential subscribers. The potential to market through email is enormous.


There are several good autoresponders on line that can handle all of your email marketing on autopilot after you set it up. Getresponce Autoresponder is easy to use for all your marketing campaigns. An autoresponder is a program that automatically sends out messages to a particular email address in response to the emails you receive. Getresponce offers detailed instruction on how to set up your marketing campaign. Create emails in minutes with an easy to use editor drag and drop tool plus 500 templets to get you started. Communication through you emails is crucial in developing a long term relationship with customers. You want to give them value and offer them a product or service that will benefit them in some way.

Aweber.com autoresponder with advanced email marketing software and completive pricing. Easy email marketing for your business. Live support and a 99% delivery rate included in your package. Awaber.com offers 6,000 free stock images and a 30 day free trial when you communicate through email you build a loyal audience that look forward to receiving you emails and promotions. This is how you build a good customer base.

Mailchimp is a free autoresponder that offers an analytical tracking, email autoresponder response software, templets, 12,000 free emails as you easily build your list and communicate with potential subscribers. Join 12 million people who use mailchimp to design and send out one billion emails per day.

Email Marketing 101

With Email Marketing 101 you will discover how you can utilize email marketing to provide the content and offers that each subscriber is more likely to engage with based on their actions and behaviors. Build your list with potential customers and watch your business grow to the next level. If you are confused and frustrated about email marketing, then you are in the right place. Get expert advice from the pros and learn how to market online through email. Get step by step instructions through video tutorials. Learn how to set up an autoresponder. Create a campaign and integrate your landing page with your autoresponder. Find great content to post in your emails and also learn how to communicate with your customers online.


After you set up your lead pages and autoresponder you will need to drive traffic to your offer. Find out how you can make money with Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing, and clickbank. Find great tips and resources you need to succeed online.

Online marketing Company proving Bulk Email Marketing Service which avoids Spam

What every next company is doing is putting cost cutting measures to reduce marketing expenditure during the economic downturn in the past two years and to tackle costs in future and that’s the reason why an Online Marketing company which helps with Bulk email service has grown over last couple of years. The email marketing, bulk email service, campaign management, delivery and email tracking solutions are some of the tools and feature of Online Marketing Company that can help you with Online Marketing in a number of ways and also enables the complete marketing cycle from initial design, to bulk delivery and campaign results.

Octane an established Online Marketing Company provides web-based software and enables organizations of all sizes to send permission-based emails and Bulk email service to their subscribers. We believe in and practice only permission-based email marketing. Our client members may use our software to send emails only to customers and prospects that have agreed to receive email from them (Subscribed), and are forbidden to transmit unsolicited commercial email better known as Spamming through our system. They are also not allowed or strictly prohibited to send out mails to people who have unsubscribed on their services.

If you received an email from us, that’s because one of our clients used our software system to send you an email. We provide software solutions for such bulk email service to our clients. Our clients have to certify that all email addresses used in our system are Subscribed names that have given permission to the client to send them emails. We promise to keep your email address secure and private and will not use it for other purposes. For an Online Marketing Company like Octane it is very important to create trust in clients for a prolonged and fruitful business relation.

Online Marketing Companies and Bulk email services have to keep up with the changing laws of the cyber space. For e.g. the federal anti-spam law went into effect on January 1st, 2004 and preempts all state laws. While this new law will not stop spam, it does make most spam illegal and ultimately less attractive to spammers. The law is specific about requirements to send commercial email and empowers the federal government to enforce the law. The penalties can include a fine and/or imprisonment for up to 5 years. Bulk Email Service has till now given rise to much of the spamming and will have to take preemptive measures to bring spamming down.

Bulk email service is now viewed more as e-mail campaigns and different from spamming. Spamming is sending mails to people who are unknown, by way of origin or interest areas. Spamming has a very low turn around rate; very few visitors are likely to take your mail seriously. E-Mail campaigns are sent to targeted users who have shown interest in receiving mails. Because of this reason and the different changes happening in the cyber space, a typical Online Marketing company like Octane looks more towards bulk email service and says no-no strictly to spam.

Three Fabulous ways to choose an Email Marketing Company in India

Email marketing has so far become the most admired and frequently used strategy when it comes to contemporary online marketing and promotion in India. This is because of the immense benefits and unequaled advantages of email marketing, especially in business promotion and advertisement.

Choosing an email marketing company or service provider in India is not as easy as imagined; on the same hand it is not very intricate and difficult. Provided you know the simple and practical steps and approach to follow. It is often very recommended and advisable to take proper care in making decisions related to email marketing, in order not end up getting a very devastating result. However below are some tips and tricks that can help you to get the best Email Marketing Company India?

Check IP Address Dynamism: Your IP addresses are more like your phone numbers, how possible could it be for you to share your phone numbers to the whole lots of clients and customers on your email marketing list? This could be a very awkward and a tongue-tied decision to make. So therefore, when selecting an email marketing company of Bulk email service provider, be sure that the company can provide you with a special and distinctive IP address. A personal IP address in which your mails would be sent and established.

IPaddresses often show the path or the direction from where an email is coming from, if your personal IP addresses are shared with all other customers and clients, there would be uncertainties. Some good examples of such uncertainties are spam complaints against other customers, followed by Blacklisting of your IP address by a major Internet Service Provider (ISP).

A/B Testing: A/B Testing is another fabulously and tremendously essential factor or element to watch out for. You perhaps might not know more about the importance of the A/B testing tactic until you have learnt more about it. A/B testing often has to do with the testing of different versions of your email to find out which works best. Testing your email contents, subject line, body, etc., to see which version gets an outstanding and matchless results. A good Email service Provider or Bulk email service providerCompany should be very capable of providing services such as these.

Packages & Pricing: Priceand cost is often the most important thing that matters most too some internet and email marketing service seekers out there. Yea, it is indeed very factual and true that the pricing matters a lot. But the main focus should not be based here. This is because some of these expensive companies undoubtedly offer the best of service.

Not all email marketing company in India are affordable, it actually depends on the nature of the service offered and the sophistication. When choosing an Email marketing company, you should consider checking out the pricing and its structure, and also compare. Some email marketing companies has this method of designing there service cost, from the least expensive to the most expensive.

6 Unexpected Ways Email Marketing can Boost Businesses!

Email marketing is one powerful marketing weapon which has upgraded itself time and again with the advent of technology. Due to successful convergence of mobile phone technology and the internet, marketers these days are busy codifying new ways pertaining to how exactly and where we create, share, and optimize content on the web, including email. Over the last couple of years, there has been a surge of interest among the people to check and read emails on their mobiles and off-lately, the smart-watches! As the display of your content changes with latest gadgets, it is crucial for you to strategically customize your marketing email designs and layout. Remember you have only 4 secs to lure your prospects attention; so it becomes obligatory to create the right impact in the right manner at the right time!

I have encountered a number of email marketing solutions prior to TSLimpact, but while writing about Email Marketing I would typically refer to this state-of-the-art emailing solution. TSLimpact is an end-to-end automated platform catering to all of your Email Marketing needs, with some exclusively amazing features to boost your business:

Save 100% of your email design costs
TSLimpact provides you with tried and tested pre-designed templates to help you kick of your email marketing campaign right away. You can always slash down your digital marketing budgets by saving 100% on your email designing expenses.
Take thorough oversight of your campaign to drive success
You can take complete control your email marketing campaign right from inducing ideal content and designs in your EDM’s to their blast. Also it helps you to generate success reports & customer insights!
Liberate your own creativity in your marketing emails at your convenience
We believe you are good at what you do! So TSLimpact gives you the liberty to customize and strategize your content & info-graphics to make the most out of it. This allows you to create an impact with your own potential in your own sweet time.
Save&Exit unfinished tasks and retrieve it in mint condition
We respect the fact that you might be busy! Thus we came up with an exclusive feature that allows you to save your in-progress tasks timely and exit them whenever you want. We ensure you find your work exactly as u left it, because we do not want your efforts going in vain.If you are amongst those super busy people with acute time crunch, we have got something for you as well! TSLimpact helps you to schedule your email blasts at the preferred time, regardless of you being online or offline.
0-Effort Social Media sharingWith one-click social media sharing options you can widen the exposure of your marketing content across various platforms. This paves way for seamless, effortless sharing bringing more convertible traffic to your product.
About TSL
Over the years, TSL Digital Marketing experts have helped our clients deliver optimum results. We work with you to understand your buyer personas, how they interact with your solutions, and how to convert them into leads. Let us help you create the best type of content for your consumers, distribute it properly in various channels, and measure its effect on your business. Kick-off your content marketing activities by contacting us.

White Paper: How to Skyrocket Your Sales in the Current Economy by Simply Using the Marketing Automation Functions of CRM Software

As a VP of marketing, Director of marketing, or sales executive you are well aware that even the best-planned marketing efforts can fail, and thorny economic times have only compounded the aggravation. You’ve been strained to cut your marketing expenditures significantly at the same time you’re expected to accomplish more.

This white paper introduces the fundamentals of running best marketing programs efficiently and with the highest possible ROI, using not only a creative, but also an analytical approach to direct response marketing that is impossible without marketing automation — a primary support system for any successful marketing campaign. The technology-driven process, in conjunction with a preferred-by-marketers intuitive process, will enable you to tightly interweave your marketing and sales programs and, as a result, realize a positive return from your limited marketing resources.

Nurturing customer loyalty
Your current customers can be your best future customers, as well as your best sales reps. Satisfied customers will bring you many referrals, and as you might well know, a lead that comes from a customer referral is the one that your sales team will close faster and with higher a rate of probability, because your customer already made a great deal of effort to pre-sell the referred prospects.

Growing through referrals
If you have not developed a well-managed referral program for your customers — and any other partners that want do get into business with you and become a free agent that is paid commissions for referrals — you are losing a great opportunity for organic growth.

Consider this example:
Company ABC is a B2B service company with about 500 current customers, and the average annual sales per customer is $20,000, which generates $10,000,000 in annual sales.

Your annual advertising budget is 1% of the revenue ($100,000). As we all know, the majority of it is usually spent on campaigns that bring modest results, in the hope of discovering winning advertising venues — which become even harder with competition trying to get over the hump in this economical downturn.

Your company has been growing at a 10% rate annually, slowly but surely, but now the growth starts declining, and it is forecasted to be down 5% this year, with the same marketing expenditure (and even more hassling that your marketing and sales team has to get through).

Now imagine that you decided to monetize the connections of your customers. You can ask for a favor and a few will return. But you don’t want random single referrals — you want to get bombarded with pre-sold prospects who will take less than average time to close. Wouldn’t that be a marketing and sales paradise?

Welcome to paradise
Let’s imagine that you designed a customer referral program and offered a 10% commission to be paid as a result of each referral that converted into a paid customer.

Let’s assume that 50% of your customers signed up for your referral program, but only 50% of those customers actually refer paying prospects on a regular basis — that brings you 125 new sales a month.

Now do the math:

500 customers x 50% x50% = 125 customer referrals per month

125 referrals/month x 12 months x $20,000 per sale = $30,000,000/yr

$30M – 10% commission = $27M in new business

As you can see, your next year’s revenue will be $37,000,000 instead of $10,000,000, and your company growth rate now is 370% versus the forecasted -5%.

Developing the strategy and the process management system
You liked the math, and now you are ready to jump in and get it done, right?

Do you have a system to manage hundreds of referral partners? You probably don’t have the tools in place for a successful execution of the program. Are you planning to do it intuitively and manually? Unless you have a proper structure, along with the necessary processes and technology to measure your success, you cannot execute your partnership programs properly.

That’s why you need to automate your marketing processes, and ideally you need to hire a professional marketing company that that will design, automate, and market the program for you – and charge affordable rates.

Costs of marketing automation and campaign execution
How much do you think it would cost you to invest in a program that brings you millions of dollars of additional sales? Would $100,000 be the right number? Maybe, but it drastically exceeds the limits of your existing marketing budget.

But the good news is that right now a direct response marketing company with established processes, a proven framework, and the right automation tools can get it all done for you in few weeks — for $10,000, or less.

Integrated marketing versus task-based marketing
Prior to using our solutions, for many of our clients, “marketing” was a series of isolated tasks — but from a sales point of view, selling is a coherent process. Task-based marketing can often fail because, at its core, it doesn’t help to commence a dialogue that a salesperson can bring to closure.

Test before investing
With the proper tools in place, now you can conduct formal tests of each marketing idea, collateral piece, and message to get the best performing tactics. No tests should be done manually because the necessary sampling size is prohibitively large.

The numbers game
Without proper metrics, marketers that rely blindly on an intuitive approach don’t have the tools to measure their success, and duplicate it in other programs.

Creativity and analysis have to go hand in hand. But proper analysis of a number of variables cannot be done manually. Tracking systems for both success and failure, and easy tools to analyze the elements that affected the result, have to be integrated and reflect the company’s objectives. Therefore few out-of-the box software packages for different purposes (such as campaign management, affiliate scripts, Google Adwords integration, and others) might not necessarily be the best solution for your company because it will require quite a bit of integration effort and maintenance resources.

A credible sales marketing & advertising firm will not only be able to consult with you on the most suitable solution, but also implement it and run the campaigns on your behalf, during the learning phase while your marketing team is getting familiarized with the program.

The benefits of overall marketing automation
Through the use of a database, marketing automation enables you to learn — in depth – about your prospects’ and partners’ behavior, along with the decision making process and variables that influence it. It allows you to automate communication processes and maintain relationships electronically.
The results:

Better-organized sales and marketing processes.
Superior customer retention.

A consolidated view of your customer and lead base.

Better lead qualification and retention.

Higher return on sales force and customer support technology investment.

Higher marketing ROI.

Better tracking capability.

A better platform for making marketing and sales decisions.

Which translates to:

Reduced operational costs.

Reduced marketing expenditure.

Increased revenue.

Marketing automation doesn’t just link marketing with sales — it helps marketing drive sales.

What you can achieve with the right marketing automation technology

SalesAnual will help you to improve your response rates and boost the revenues from your marketing efforts. We offer you the ability to easily manage sophisticated, timely, personalized customer communication strategies. Built specifically to meet the needs of key members of the marketing process, our product will provide comprehensive data management, campaign management, and advanced customer analytics in one integrated, easy-to-use solution.

Marketing campaign management
Marketing campaign management is easy with with our product. Through a single application, you can effectively plan your marketing spend, manage all your initiatives and campaigns, and analyze performance and results.

Market segmentation
Our product helps you create targeted campaigns by segmenting your audience based on attributes such as demographics or product interest, and then send specific messages and offers for each group. You will have the ability to easily add contacts and leads to lists right from within campaigns.

Campaign analysis
Our system is designed to simplify ABC (split) testing. You can track, analyze, and optimize multiple campaigns such as on-line marketing and telemarketing. It will also allow you to analyze and optimize other campaigns such as trade shows, direct mail, advertising, and promotions, so that all marketing efforts are focused on the most effective campaigns.

Campaign testing
ABC tests are typically conducted to determine which version or elements of advertising materials are helping the performance of the campaign. ABC tests dramatically challenge the assumptions that marketers and company executives may have about the best way to design a campaign or collateral piece. The automated functionality also enables you to solve conflicts between marketing and management.

While ABC testing typically applies to on-line adverting, we can build your system around a repetitive test process for all media, so it enables you to test Web pages, advertising copy, telemarketing scripts, e-mail messages, newsletter content and layout, and so on.

Testing yields the most valuable results only when the tests are conducted repeatedly; therefore efficient ABC testing is impossible without full automation of the test process. This is a key advantage of the SalesAnnual system.

Our software can create an “ABC test winners” table where all of the best advertising items will be stored. Each record provides statistics, upon which every new marketing effort in the same category will be measured.

Revenue tracking
Our product will help you identify the marketing activities that generate the most sales revenue by directly tying every sales dollar back to its campaign source. Campaign managers can analyze detailed analytics to track revenue, and measure campaign success.

Express follow-ups
Our product helps you to easily determine which prospects require follow-up contact after a campaign, and define the appropriate actions.

List management
You can import and export campaign lists in multiple data formats from and to various marketing vendors. With SalesAnnual List Management, you can also create targeted, effective marketing campaigns with list management tools for segmenting, exporting, and analyzing lead lists.

List creation
This module enables you to create customer or prospect lists by selecting any combination of contact and customer information.

Data exporting
This module helps you to easily export your lists to outside suppliers and manage the results with SalesAnnual’s campaign management features.

Data importing
The module allows you to quickly import sales leads from offline sources such as trade shows, seminars, and direct mail; matching group and campaign; eliminating manual data entry.
It also enables you to import leads provided in bulk by a specific referral partner as a result of a specific campaign. You can also map and segment any information you need to manage.

Detailed reporting
This module allows you to analyze lists and contacts to identify trends, and to optimize marketing campaigns.

Lead management
This module allows you to track incoming prospect inquiries that respond to particular campaigns, and automatically route qualified leads to the right people, enabling sales reps to get instant access to the latest prospects – and business opportunities are never lost.

Online lead capture
This module allows you to automate lead generation by capturing leads from your customers’ website, directly into our system, and automatically send a personalized response based on information supplied by the customer.

Lead search and merge
This module ensures that reps can easily identify prior interactions with a lead before following up. You can easily merge leads, contacts, and accounts – and remove duplicates — for efficient lead management.

Lead tracking
This module monitors leads end-to-end — from creation to conversion — with capabilities that include automatic date/time stamping, campaign or lead source tracking (vendor, campaign, and partner), lead status changes, and lead activity management.

Channel partner program management
With our system you can easily manage various channel partner categories such as affiliates, referral partners, and resellers — and create efficient, automated relationships with them.

Affiliate program management

Our affiliate program management functionality is designed to manage your channel partners who mostly operate on the Web, and therefore the tracking system reflects the way traffic is sent to you website. Affiliates typically use your on-line marketing tools, such as text links, ad banners, video clips, podcasts, webcasts, as well as text documents such as articles, press-releases, white papers, and case studies.

Referral program management
Our referral program management functionality is designed to manage your channel partners that deliver leads in a less organized manner — in a verbal or written form for example.

Reseller program management
Our reseller program management functionality is designed to manage your Value Added Resellers (VARs), that engage in the sales and marketing of your product. Typically they bundle your product and services with those of their own company, and market to their existing client base.

Channel partner compensation management
Our lead tracking and payment management solution gives you an extensive reporting system that will put you at ease, because your team – and your partners — can always access the latest data about their account and lead performance.

Contract management
Our system allows you to store the contracts signed with each partner and see the compensation due to each partner. The numbers are presented in % and $ value accordingly the agreement with a particular partner, as well as revenue generated to date since the partner signed up.

Our flexible reporting solution gives you the ability to choose a report template or to customize reports according to your partners’ needs. The status of leads is reported as qualified, unqualified, dead, and so on, and you can easily send reports to your partners on a regular schedule.

Security controls
Our security controls and permissions capability allows your partners to access the sales leads in their own territories, or those provided by them. You can also manually share specific sales leads with any user you choose.

Automatic lead routing
Our product makes lead management easy by setting up queues and assignment rules to automatically route qualified leads to the right distributor (sales organization that is located in a country where a company has no inside sales capabilities) based on customized business rules, and track the status of every lead in your partner marketing channel. Your referral partners will get instant access to the latest prospects, and leads are never dropped or lost.

Email prospecting and tracking
Our system empowers your resellers and referral partners to send personalized, template-based, e-mail messages to prospects in large numbers, and to easily track all responses from one centralized lead management system.

Lead acceptance
Our system enables comprehensive tracking and accountability so you always know your lead status, in real time.

Targeted messages
Our system allows you to create specific messages and publish them to each individual channel partner.

Document management system
Our system provides a central repository of all the documents and communications your channel partners will need to support their sales and marketing efforts. Your partners will have continuous access to all of your up-to-date documents (product brochures, presentations, and support documents) from anywhere in the world, so they can respond to customer information requests quickly and easily.

Our comprehensive search capability allows your partners to quickly find relevant information, view documents, and even send them as attachments to their prospects, directly from the search results.

Secure records management
Our security rules and custom folders allow managers to organize documents and communications based on partner type, department, or any other criteria with limited access for the intended viewer only. Document management is secure and customized.

Second-tier referral program
Our system enables you to track not only every sale from each of your 1st-tier partners, but also each sale made by the partners that were acquired through your first-tier affiliates or referral partners.
Compensation is calculated according to your agreements.

Co-marketing program management
Our system enables your partners to submit marketing requests for co-marketing programs, if you choose. Requests are automatically compared and deducted from the partner budget. You can manage partner claims for funds requests by analyzing each claim compared to the allocated budget for each partner. Claims can be documented with a proof of performance.

For all financial and non-financial transactions, partners submit claims with proof of performance. Documents and uploaded materials are integrated with the marketing programs.

Special promotion for partners
With our system, you can make your partner Web portal “stickier” and increase partner adoption, by creating and communicating rebates and promotions for the partners. We provide rebate guidelines and best practices to help channel managers design and launch winning programs.

Your partners will have the ability to submit special pricing requests for the competitive deals on which they are working.

Search marketing management
Our system enables you to gain complete visibility and control over your search engine marketing campaigns—from keyword selection to closed deal. It allows you to put your marketing dollars to work with keywords that deliver the best results. You will can see exactly which leads were generated by each search engine marketing program.

Email marketing management
Our product has feature-rich functionality that helps you use a wide range of professionally designed templates for e-mailers and newsletters. One of our unique features gives you an easy way of creating landing page templates that match customized e-mail template and content.

Email tracking
Our system makes it easy to evaluate the success of e-mail campaigns with integrated response tracking and easy monitoring of key campaign metrics. You can easily identify which e-mail campaign generates the most:

Open emails (what recipients, when, how many times)


Click throughs


Closed deals


Our system gives you the ability to assign a specific identification to each affiliate or referral partners’ outbound email or telemarketing campaign sent via your system. Every incoming lead will be assigned to the appropriate partner and will be reported in the statistics on partners’ performance, accumulated compensation, and payment schedules.

Key features include:

Content editing supports a high degree of reusability and easy customization – push a button to insert a variable, “IF” statement, HTML template, and more.

Personalize messages using conditional content and data.

Default to standard content (such as “Dear Customer”) when conditions are not met.

Personalize subject lines.

Embed redirect URLs and attachments into e-mail messages.

Integrate with your favorite content editor, easily.

Flexible opt-in/opt-out support.

Viral marketing support – track and understand the value of customers who forward your messages, extending the return of those communications.

Rich re-marketing and wave campaign support via easy-to-create follow-up communications based on an individual’s response or lack of response.

CAN-SPAM compliant.

New dashboards and reporting functionality
With our new dashboard and customizable reporting functionality you will have instant access to the real-time data and analysis you need to run your business. Dashboards pull it all together, providing instant access to a consolidated, real-time view of your sales data.

Real-time dashboards
Dashboards give you an at-a-glance overview of the current status of your business, with benchmarks and critical metrics from sales, marketing, service, and more. One-click data refreshment ensures that your marketers are always working with the most up-to-date information.

Custom report formulas and highlighting
Multiple mathematical formulas are preprogrammed into the system to aggregate and perform calculations on raw data within the system. You no longer need to export your data to spreadsheets for detailed calculations.

Outbound sales campaign management
The module makes it easy for your telemarketers to create and test telemarketing scripts, as well as ABC test e-mail follow-ups that are automatically sent to the leads generated by each outbound sales campaign.

By default, unless customized, our system automatically sends three follow-ups to “non-responding” leads after which the system can automatically move them to the Dead category, which eliminates manual work.

Media buying and production management
We deliver a fast, powerful, and complete system that includes media buying, production, and result tracking, all designed with direct marketers in mind. Our system provides quick and easy access to information, and lets you track each campaign down to its tiniest details, because marketers and users need all the answers:

Which spots ads are profitable?

Which media is the most profitable?

Which creative is the best suitable for each particular media?

Which URL works best?

Which days of the week, month, and parts of the day work better for each media?

What is the cost per order for each media?

What is the cost per inquiry for each media?

What is the cost per lead for each media?

What is the ROI for each media?

Which call centers are the most effective?

Our system keeps everyone in sync and up-to-date because direct marketing is a complex process involving media buyers, scriptwriters, copywriters, designers, producers, call centers, accounting, budgets… as well as innumerable sign-offs by clients and management.

Media buying
Print ads in newspapers, 30-second spots on prime-time television, banner ads on websites — each can be considered a media buy. Managing your media is easy with our fully automated system.




Spot and network buys.

Direct mail.


Inserts and circulars.

Display advertisements.

Cable and broadcast.

Production management
Our system helps you traffic and manage jobs, work orders, and schedules.

Note: Please note, some functionality is not available with the basic package and is only sold to clients that order 50+ seats, or is included as part of customization consulting. Please specify your requirements and we will provide you with a quick quote.

In the new state of the economy, your motto as a marketer should be “efficient marketing made simple with less;” at least ours is. Our programs and technologies will give your marketing department the ability to take greater ownership of leads, as well as customer and partner relationships, which keeps the cost per interaction as low as possible while guaranteeing greater marketing performance.

This means you can continually improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts rather than potentially repeat what hasn’t worked. Marketing automation — and a well-selected B2B or B2C marketing agency — will make your marketing programs more successful and remove discrepancies between your marketing objectives and your execution capabilities.

The result… your company generates more qualified leads at a lower cost per sale, and this helps your sales team achieve a higher closing ratio.

About SIdeaMama Ad Netork
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The Purpose and Value of Integrated Marketing Communications

The importance of Integrated Marketing Communications was until a few years back only understood by the small business owners and growing companies but of late, its value has also been acknowledged by the large corporations and big companies as well. The reasons for this trend are the following:

1. In the background of the global economic meltdown, the competition amongst the businesses has become even stiffer and marketing has assumed a greater importance than ever before.

2. New methods of marketing have evolved in the recent past and no business or company can afford to ignore them.

3. Because of a flood of marketing materials and advertisements, it has become harder for the companies to have their marketing messages imprinted in the minds of the people.

Integrated Marketing Communication is directed to combine the marketing efforts from the online and the offline sphere to derive maximum benefit from the whole marketing strategy. The online components of marketing used are B2B website design, email newsletters, pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, facebook marketing and many more similar strategies. The offline or the traditional marketing strategies include direct mails, public relations management through the public relations firms and many more traditional advertising methods. Not to forget, the interpersonal marketing methods are not out of the scope of integration.

The core idea behind integrating the marketing communication is to help the people internalize your marketing message by exposing them to the same message several times through different online and offline means.

With the ever increasing trend of integrated marketing communications, many agencies have come up that handle all the aspects of integrated marketing. These agencies rely on a network of trustworthy service providers that handle different aspects of marketing including printing, promotion, online marketing etc. If you opt for the integrated marketing agencies, you can be rest assured that your marketing campaign becomes more efficient, is carried out at a fast pace and is cost efficient at the same time.

One of the most important aspects of these marketing campaigns is the planning of the marketing campaign. You should carefully select the online and offline marketing components that you wish to use by keeping in mind your target audience and the efficacy of each component. This would determine the cost of the whole campaign and you would not have to care for the cost of entire plan.

Another very important aspect of integration is the link between the various marketing components that helps in establishing a continuity which increases the chances of retention of the marketing message in the minds of the people manifolds. The efficiency in linking the various online and offline components is of great importance to ensure that the marketing campaign stands out amongst the rest.

What are B2B Website Design and Integrated Marketing Communication?

Your online presence is crucial to your business, whether you own a salon, restaurant or law firm. In today’s marketplace, consumers will search your business on their mobile device or desktop before they make a decision about whether to spend their hard-earned money.

At the David James Group, we provide B2B Web designed for your industry to maximize your online resources. When you choose DJG for your integrated marketing communications, you make an investment in the future of your business. You will partner with our B2B Website design experts to create Web assets suited to your goals and strategic plan. We will manage every facet of your integrated marketing communications plan, from the overall strategy to the design of your online banners and e-mail campaigns.

In crafting your B2B Web design, we will begin with surveying all your current online platforms, including social and traditional Web outlets. We will also deliver an ecosystem survey to assess your competitors’ approaches to online communications. This allows us to understand the unique viewpoint and advantages you offer consumers in the marketplace.

Then, our B2B Website design team will work directly with your business leaders to ascertain your goals, which begin with a simple question: Why are you online? The reason you are online drives every decision. Your goals and the reasons why your customers seek out your products form the foundation of our integrated marketing communications plan for your business. Upon that foundation, we will begin to craft the framework of your online strategy and design. Our highly skilled and specialized B2B Web design team will provide several samples and include your feedback in creating Web sites and social media personas that fit your culture and business plan. Upon completion of your initial Web design, our services continue to behoove your business. We offer SEO plans and Web site monitor, in addition to continuous maintenance plan.

Our integrated marketing communications plans offer several levels of service from single-site builds to fully integrated ongoing communications. In this arrangement, DJG can act as your in-house marketing firm, working with you to execute your communications strategies on multiple platforms. The David James Group works to ensure that we encapsulate your voice and communications style in our integrated marketing communications plan to make the most effective use of our B2B Website design. We majors focus on building brands by developing and providing specific promotional messages and encounter throughout our Integrated Marketing Communications plan.

B2B Event Marketing: A Door to Success

A successful B2B market is the one who knows his customer very well. After all, business is all about customers and their satisfaction. So, what are the ways where you can get in touch with your customers and their demands? I would say, we have discussed so many techniques but here the discussion is about something new and innovative that embarks great impact on the customers. So what is that? The answer is Event Marketing or you say Trade marketing.

Event marketing is the one where you can show-off your new product that you plan to launch. It gives perfect exposure to your company and obviously to your product also. At event management you get variety of customers who love to interact with you, and at the same time that is a perfect time to advertise your company to the greatest level. But let me say, like I said it’s not that easy to implement and that too successfully.

When I say it’s not very easy to make your campaign success, then, one thing I must add that there are ways and strategies to formulate the success. So, here are 5 successful strategies for a successful B2B marketing.

Here we go…

Ground Level Marketing:

Pre show marketing or ground level marketing can be defined as the process and practice that is required before launching your exhibition in the campaign. It’s a very important step for any event show, as to make yourself ready to interact with your customers. Along with, you need to prepare your exhibition stand as such it is highlighted and attractive so that your customers and clients won’t find difficulties to search you.

Social Media:

Easy to access, and easy to reach your audience! The social media is such a tool that can be used effectively. And with so many sites available, the possibilities are endless. Through social networking websites you can promote your event, along with, you can also invite people to come and know about your product as wells as company.

Especially on Twitter you can create a buzz about your product and campaign date, so as it stimulates the customer to come and get more information about your product. By this you can create brand value of your company as well.

Direct Email Marketing:

It’s always good to move forward, but do keep one thing in your mind that old customers are also one of the major strength of your marketing principles. The best way to be in contact with them is direct mail. Remember, old customers love to get direct mails and sometimes phone calls also, as it makes them more valuable, and so you can trust them also. Whenever, you are launching a new product and that also promoting the product at event campaign it’s always better to invite your old customers to come and experience the new product that might convince them to use and at the same time convince others to buy that product.

Direct Networking:

Direct networking otherwise can be termed as face-to-face marketing. This is most vital as here you have to interact directly to your customers. Before the start of your campaign you need to plan your strategies accordingly so that your customers won’t find any miscommunication.

Make sure you have a private meeting space to discuss sales with your customers. By this, they will appreciate the chance to talk with you in a busy environment where hundreds of other campaigns will be there to absorb your necessary customers.

Freebies and Booklets:

Customers always want something from you. And if you are able to deliver them, then it would be a cherry on the ice cake. White paper and booklets where they get more information about you and your company would be a great option for the better response.

Post-Show Marketing and Following up:

After successfully finishing the event show don’t think that is done. Even after the trade show, there are few formalities that are very essential. You need to follow up your customers who have showed interest on you and your products.

Remember, trade show at the event exhibition might be a tough task for your marketing and sales team, but once it’s been done properly it would show you great results. The matter is how efficiently you are doing your pre marketing and post marketing work so that it attracts your customers so as you can convert them to leads, and then REVENUE.

Relationship Marketing In B2B Backed Citigroup


The Company to be examined is Citigroup. This is an internationally recognized banking institution. It was listed among the top ten banking Companies in the world in 2006. The Company provides banking services to 200 million clients coming from all corners of the world. Its 300 branches are located throughout South and North America, Asia, Europe and even Africa. Citigroup was started in the year 1817 and has continued to grow since then. It formed the Bank Hand Lowy in 1870 and Salomon Brothers in 1910. Today, there are plenty of brands that are synonymous with this banking institution. Some of them include; The Citi-Capital, Citigroup Private Bank, Diners Club, Primerica, Citi-Insurance, Citi-Mortgage, Citi Financial, Citi Cards and many others. Most B2B Companies fall under the Information technology sector. However, there are a few exceptions; Citibank is one such company. Although it belongs to the banking sector, it is backed up by B2B. It did this with the hope of integrating more technology into their business ventures. Their strategy was to engage in more e-commerce and reap the benefits of this approach. (Butterworth-Heinemann, 1991)

The report will examine some of the relationship marketing tools used by the Company in its operations. In this case, relationship marketing can be defined as the use of marketing techniques to retain pre existing clients. This form of marketing gained a lot of interest in the corporate world (including Citigroup) because they realized that traditional marketing had some loopholes. The latter type of marketing focused on acquisition of new clients and did not have a strategy to retain them. Relationship marketing shifts from individual transactions with clients and instead deals with a customer’s cycle. Most efforts are directed towards satisfaction of customer’s needs such that they may keep coming back for more business.

Application of Relationship marketing at Citigroup

Three elements are necessary for the successful implementation of relationship marketing. These are;

when consumer demand for a product is continuous
when consumers make the choice of one commodity
when the customer has a wide range of products and services to choose from
Citigroup’s relationship managers have realized that the Company met all these three aspects. First of all, the Company offers both investment and commercial services which means that clients have a lot of services at their disposal. Some of them include; Mortgages, priority banking for high net worth clients, loans, investment banking, telephone banking and card products. Secondly, clients in the banking sector are in continuous need of these services. Lastly, those customers who decide to do business with the Company normally select one service or product. In the case of Citigroup, some customers strictly come to obtain loans, some would like to save their money there but access it conveniently when need arises (commercial services and card facilities). (Jackson, 1985)

The organization has implemented relationship marketing through consumer tracking. Since Citigroup is B2B backed, then it was able to use a comprehensive data base to analyze what consumer tastes and preferences are. It has been a leader in business communication with the client. Citigroup has been asking its clients about their thoughts on the institution. It found that certain services were preferred over others. It also realized that consumer kept coming back for certain products during definite seasons. It was able to establish a pattern and focused its energies on products that gave them maximum returns. This was also topped up by improving services that clients were dissatisfied with. One such service was provision of housing loans. The Company found out that many clients were happy with their rate of loan processing. This made the organization very keen on this service. Clients who came for this type of service received special attention, consequently, the product kept selling and more customers were retained. (Fornell & Wernerfelt, 1987)

Personalized marketing is one of the cornerstones of relationship marketing and Citigroup was quick to notice this. It involved the use of customer profiling techniques to market the organization’s products. Here, a customer’s details are noted down by the organization of interest including what type of items they prefer buying. The organization can then establish a trend and recommend certain commodities to them based on the pattern. Besides this, organizations can be able to identify what types of customers are responsive and focus on providing them better services. By doing this, companies will be improving their performance rate and solidifying their market performance. Citigroup did this effectively through the use of its ‘First 30 days’ relationship marketing strategy. This was an idea pioneered by its relationship marketing manger in the year 1987. The basis behind this consumer strategy is that new customers are followed up through personalized marketing. This is done for a period of one month such that the bank can obtain useful data about their new consumers. After that period, they have full information about a customer’s responsiveness and can therefore deal with customers who will give them adequate return rates.

Relationship marketing is something that cannot be dealt with alone. It is a marketing strategy that involves the use of all departments in the sale of products or services. Good marketers know that one must integrate marketing functions into all aspects of the business. It should not simply be left to certain departments or groups. Citigroup has been very astute in the implementation of this. They have included relationship marketing in the investment banking sector. They have also included it in consumer loans and mortgagees. The latter two services are particularly sensitive because lending to clients with bad credit history spells doom for any bank. Citigroup realized this and was quick to establish trends in these departments. Although functions within the bank differ from others in one way or another, The Company was bale to interlink all these elements through relationship marketing. (Gordon, 1999)

How Citigroup used the different approaches to relationship marketing and benefits obtained

During interactions with their clients, Citigroup normally asks clients through email whether they would like to participate in a survey. If the client accepts to take part, they ask them what services they prefer within the Company and what services they would like to see improved. A survey is also done on prices of services on offer and suggestions noted. The bank is then able to determine what consumer preferences are and therefore acts accordingly. Clients were content with the level of service provision compared to other banks. This meant that the Company now solidified the relationship between consumers and the bank. Such a strategy put Citigroup ahead of the competition because it had already determined exactly what consumers are looking for through relationship marketing. Other banks that may not have a very stable relationship with their clients do not have the ability to determine specific details that consumers require in their services. Such banks are subject to the theory of economics called ‘the leaking bucket’. Here such banks spend most of their time and efforts in the acquisition of new clients and very little in the retention of existing ones. Consequently, newer clients only purchase items/ services once and never come back. This means that the firm may get increased profits as it gets new clients, on the other hand, it keeps loosing profits from the departure of old clients. In the end, minimal profits are made. This sort of behavior is synonymous to a leaking bucket that never actually holds much content. Citigroup did not ignore their old clients and this was the reason why they have been identified as one of the most profitable financial institutions in the world.

Citigroup has been able to benefit from relationship marketing because of the following reasons. It has had to invest less in conducting the business. This is because very little amounts of money are required to convince a long term buyer to purchase a certain product. On the other hand getting a consumer to change their minds about conducting business with another bank and choosing Citigroup can prove to be very costly because the Company has to be very convincing. By retaining old clients, the bank was able to save up on some of its losses and maximize profits. Citigroup’s relationship marketing has also worked wonders for the Company because the bank can convince long term customers about certain complementary services on offer. For example, it is possible to inform a customer using the Bank’s fixed trading services about some of the mortgage loans on offer. Old clients are more responsive than new clients because most of the time, new clients will only be looking for one particular service. They may not know the bank well enough to trust them for other complementary services. New clients are more cautious that long term ones hence less likely to bring in more profits. (Prahalad et al, 1998)

Old clients obtained through relationship marketing have themselves become marketers for Citigroup. This is because the bank has already met all their needs and they are satisfied with the services on offer. They have voiced their contentment to other new clients and this increased Citigroup’s client base indirectly.

Citigroup has benefited greatly from relationship marketing because of the level of predictability of long term customers. The bank can know before hand what kind of services a particular consumer will require and when this will occur. Consequently, it has become very convenient for the bank because they can plan ahead or increase efficiency. On top of that, the Company has to invest minimal amounts in the education of clients about the goings on in the Company. Most of them are familiar with all the processes required before consumption of a service and little time is wasted. For example, long term customers who may have been engaging in capital market trading with the Company may also be familiar with the procedures required to obtain a consumer loan from the Company. This comes by virtue of the fact that interactions with the Company allow consumers to know much about the Company’s product offerings.

Because Citigroup has established some long term customers, this has prevented entry of new players in the market. When clients have firm support for the services provided by a particular Company, chances are very minimal that clients will leave that Company to go and purchase services from another. This means that new entrants in the market normally have a difficult time and will therefore get discouraged from participating in the trade. This has been highly beneficial for Citigroup because market saturation has been kept low.

Citigroup’s relationship marketing strategy has contributed to its growth due to the high volume sales registered by the Company. This was brought about by its long term clients. Whenever a company has invested in long term clients, the latter party will have a strong sense of loyalty towards them. This means that even minor changes in service costs are less likely to cause a shift in their purchasing behavior. On the basis of this principle, Citigroup has a stable sales volume since most of its clients are loyal to the Company.

Citigroup has been conducting customer valuation. This means that the Company can reap the benefits of determining what category a client will belong to. Some of these categories include the following in order of importance;

Citigroup realizes that their most important customer is the partner because he has the highest sense of loyalty. This type of consumer will normally approach the firm and not any other whenever he has a baking need. Such customers engage in all the commercial and investment services provided by the bank. Citigroup has made it the main responsibility of its relationship manager to make sure that most of the clients in the firm are converted from prospective to partner. A prospective client is one that has not made up their minds about doing business in the firm. All the other types of clients are listed in order of priority. Customer valuation is done in order to place clients in any of the six groups. The bank then knows which type of customers to take seriously and which ones to neglect. This is quite important in the mortgage sectors and loan provisions. Placing customers in categories has helped the Company avoid potentially harmful transactions in their business. Clients who have very little potential will be avoided at all costs and their contracts terminated. (Berry, 1983)

Citigroup has also placed customers in market segments through the use of customer retention rates. The organization normally calculates this amount by getting the ratio of clients who stuck with the firm after one year to the ones that started with the Company at the beginning of the year. The percentage is then calculated. What normally occurs is that the bank uses the values of their retention rates to determine which services are the most valuable among them. This also forms the basis of market segments. Such a strategy was implemented under the leadership of John Wheat; a relationship marketing director of the firm. Market segmentation on this basis has become one of the cornerstones of conducting business on Citibank.

Citigroup chose to offer credit card services in certain branches after conducting a thorough analysis of customer preferences. In a country such as Malaysia, Citibank examined the population’s capability both financially and socially to take up the use of credit cards. After the bank realized that its market was ready for change, it introduced credit cards to the market. Analysis of underlying issues also helps in the process of determining whether or not to expand. For example, Citigroup established five branches in Malaysia after it realized that customers there were ready for them. The bank was only aware of these issues after determining the underlying issues within the consumer markets- an exercise that is only possible through relationship marketing. Overly, analysis of underlying issues has helped Citigroup determine what customer’s root problems are and what to do about those problems.

The bank has implemented the relationship marketing strategy by ensuring that staff members are treated well. It has put in place good employment practices and has also ensured that most of the employees have a favorable working environment. This implies that when those employees are communicating with clients about relationship marketing, they can do this thoroughly since there are no underlying issues to prevent them form working well. Staff members have access to special holiday packages, insurance offers, pension schemes and others. These offers have boosted employee morale and have contributed towards better service provision. Consequently, customer satisfaction has increased. (Gale & Chapman, 1994)

Citigroup has also implemented corrective measures during relationship marketing. After the bank has analyzed the underlying issues behind a consumer’s preference, it normally undertakes a plan of action. Some of the activities that the Company has used to implement some of its action plans are;

enhancing employee practices
enhancing reward systems
utilizing recovery teams
Most of the time, the bank normally benchmarks. It determines what customer preferences and then uses those preferences as standards in performance improvement. In addition to this, the bank has also used the issue of recovery teams. For example, after Citibank begun recording sub prime losses in its mortgage sector, the Company realized that something drastic needed to be done in order to put the financial giant back in business. It did this through the implementation of a recovery team. This has helped the Company to get back on track because there is more focus during problem solving. Normally when tasks are assigned without specificity then chances are they will not get completed. This is because members of an organization need to be given specific responsibilities in order to concentrate on them. Generalization causes members of the organization to become complacent. Citigroup saw this and prevented it by using recovery teams. (Reichheld & Sasser, 1990)

The Company has used product bundling as an action plan in its operations. Product bundling occurs when a given organization lumps up some the services they offer into one package which aims at improving performance of some of them. By doing this, customers will feel as though they have obtained a huge bargain and will be tempted to come back for more. Citigroup did this through the use of a basic bank offer to be included in service improvement strategy.

Another action plan that has been taken up by this bank is cross selling. After analyzing consumer preferences, the bank has sold some services that seem related to certain clients. For example, when a customer has come to apply for a credit card facility, the bank informs them about telephone banking and some of them may be convinced to take up this offer too.

Similarly, the Company has also engaged in some cross promotional strategies as a reaction to relationship marketing. Here, the bank has offered a similar service to one that a client may be purchasing but this is done through a discount.

The Company has also improved its computer systems through networking. All the branches located throughout the world are interlinked and they can share information. The purpose of such an approach is that the Company can very easily be able to assess consumer tastes and preferences in other parts of the world and use that knowledge to their advantage. This is also related to relationship marketing because the latter concept requires increased contacts and communication between an organization and the client. Some clients may be located outside the country but can still benefit from the services offered by the bank through network interlink. Consequently, customers will derive satisfaction from services offered no matter where they are located. (Kotler et al, 1999)

It should be noted that the reason why this strategy was adopted by the Company was that switching costs are rather high in the banking sector. One has to close their account before they move on to another bank. Relationship marketing is ideal for such a scenario. However, if the switching costs were low, then it would have been more suitable to use direct marketing rather than relationship marketing. It should also be remembered that relationship marketing works best when the making of a certain service involves its customers. This is quite applicable to Citigroup because most of their services are like that. For example, the issue of priority banking for high net worth individuals involves clients, therefore using relationship marketing is quite appropriate in this scenario.

Ways in which relationship marketing can be applied

Relationship marketing can be applied through a number of methods. Some of them include;

-internal markets

-supplier markets

-recruitment markets

-referral markets

-influence markets

-customer markets

Relationship marking is not applied to the typical consumer alone. It should be incorporated in dealings with all the above mentioned markets. (Buchanan & Gilles, 1990)

Referral markets refer to relationship marketing tailored to provide such intense satisfaction to the consumer to the point of making an advocate of the Company. When considering this type of marketing, Citigroup gave very efficient and comprehensive services to its customers to the point that they started talking about it to other clients. This meant that more customers were recruited by the Company even without any investment into it.

Supplier markets need relationship marketing too. Here, Citigroup forged a good relationship with its suppliers who happen to be internet service providers. By doing this, the Company became more efficient; the IT Companies always delivered their services on time and in good quality. For example, they coordinated automated card services very well. Relationship marketing in this area also boosted the way the Company dealt with its clients because the good relationship with its suppliers increased efficiency of the banks service delivery. Consequently, the customer was satisfied. For example, customers are able to withdraw cash for automated machines efficiently.

Relationship marketing can also be injected into influence markets. Here, influence markets involve all the people who affect service provision within the organization in one way or another. Some of them include; government regulators, standard bodies, lobbyists, stockholders, venture capitalist, financial analysts, consumer associations, environmental associations and labor associations. All these groups are instrumental in the operations of Citigroup. By establishing a clean reputation with them, the Company has enhanced efficiency and exceeded customer expectations most of the time.

Lastly, relationship marketing is applied to consumer markets. These markets are the most crucial ones in the running of the Company. Citigroup has divided consumer markets into two groups; the ones that are yet to buy services from them and the ones who have. The methods used to deal with these two types of customers are quite different. New clients are not familiar with Citigroup’s product offerings, processes and the way they conduct business. Old clients are aware of what must be done to access certain services. Therefore, minimal efforts are directed to thee types of clients. (Carrol & Reichheld, 1992)

It should be noted that relationship marketing is best achieved hen there is adequate communication between a give Company and the respective client. Clients need to feel appreciated by the Company. Companies should not show them that they are using them to boost their sales. This aspect has been incorporated in Citigroup through its effective customer service section where clients can air out their likes and dislikes of the services provided by the Company. It has also achieved this through the feedback channels it has on its websites. Here clients who give their comments on issues relating to the bank’s operation get a chance to receive feedback from their clients.

Companies need to incorporate ideas generated by customers on the design of their products and services. This will go a long way in ensuring that customers are satisfied. It will also increase their sense of loyalty of the organization after seeing that their suggestions are now part of the products on offer. Citigroup did this during provision of consumer loans. The Company received suggestions that during the summer, there was assort of melt down in the credit markets. It noted this and changed the way it offered its credit to clients. (Gale & Chapman, 1994)

Needless to say, relationship marketing should only be implemented after consumers have consented to the activity. Organizations must not do this forcefully. Citigroup has adhered to this principle through the requests that it makes to consumers before it asks for feedback from the internet.


Citigroup has implemented relationship marketing through a number of pathways. These can be summarized in four ways. Firstly, the bank has predicted consumer behavior in the future through the analysis of present trends. Secondly, relationship marketing in the bank involves retaining the client by keeping them active. This can only be achieved by satisfying their needs and by keeping them active. Thirdly, the bank has created a life cycle for some of its services. It starts by asking customers certain questions, when customers respond to those queries; it sends them feedback and the cycle goes on and on. Lastly, Citibank has allocated resources towards achievement of relationship marketing; where resources in this case apply to the financial and time aspects of business operations. The Company has had to plan how to obtain information concerning customer preferences and has acted on those plans. By adhering to these four aspects, Citigroup is a front runner in the relationship marketing sector. (Fornell & Wernerfelt, 1987)